Glassville, New Brunswick A Pioneer Community
A Pioneer Community

Lyon – 50th Anniversary

Glassville 1907

Mr. and Mrs. William Lyon of Glassville were treated to an agreeable surprise on
Thursday, July18 when their sons and daughters, numbering nine, together with grandchildren to the number of 46, assembled at their house to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Only one son was absent, he being at present in South Africa.

All the arrangements had been kept secret so that when the party arrived they were not
suspecting anything of what was to take place and thus were given perhaps one of the greatest surprises of their lives. Mr. & Mrs. Lyon formerly lived in Scotland but came to make Glassville their home 40 years ago. A number of their old friends who came over from their old home in Scotland at or near the same time were invited to be present. Among these present were Peter Millie and his wife, Duncan McDonald and wife, Charles Wilson and daughter, all of Glassville.

Mr. Lyon was presented with a handsome monogrammed gold watch, Mrs. Lyon with a solid gold wedding ring. When all were assembled for tea, Peter Millie in a neat address made the presentation. Mr. Lyon responded in a few well-chosen words expressing his thanks to those present for the pleasures given him by their presence and for the greatly appreciated present. After tea had been served all. were again assembled for a group photograph, a photographer being engaged for the occasion that each might have a valuable souvenir of the event. After many congratulations and well wishes the guests began to depart. Some of the family remained to pay a longer visit to their home. A number of young people from the village assembled in the evening and enjoyed a
pleasant social evening and ate up some of the remnants of the feast.

Mr. Lyon is 77 years of age while Mrs. Lyon is 69 but both are enjoying good health and
were in excellent spirits for the occasion of their anniversary. It is the wish of friends and
relatives that they may enjoy many years of health and happiness.

William Lyon & Jane Taylor Family

– William Lyon, b. 26 Aug 1830, Culvie, Marnock, Banffshire, Scotland; d. 13 Jul 1928, Glassville;

Jane Taylor, b. 16 Apr 1838, Dundee, Angus, Scotland; d. 22 Jan 1912, Glassville

  • Isabelle b. 14 Sep 1858, Scotland; d. 1946, Lexington, Middlesex, Massachusetts
  • William b. 12 Apr 1860, Scotland; d. 8 Mar 1863, Scotland
  • Alexander b. 7 Jul 1862, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; d. 11 Jan 1952, Glassville
  • Jessie Emily b. 17 May 1864, Forgue, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; d. 3 Sep 1932, Argyle, New Brunswick
  • Jane b. 30 Jan 1866; Glassville, d. 1941
  • Margaret b. 10 Apr 1868; Glassville, d. 1948
  • Mary Elsbet b. 21 December 1870, Glassville; d. 1958, Farmingdale, Kennebec, Maine
  • James George b. 18 Nov 1873, Glassville; d. 7 Apr 1962, Caribou, Aroostook County, Maine
  • William b. Abt 1875, Glassville; d. 1 Jan 1892, Argyle, New Brunswick
  • John b. 1877, Glassville; d. 1948, Caribou, Aroostook County, Maine
  • Eva Annie b. Abt 1878, Glassville; d. 1895
  • Dawson b. 25 Nov 1880, Glassville; d. 24 Aug 1961, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa
  • Albert Perry b. 7 October 1883, Glassville; d. 1955