Glassville, New Brunswick A Pioneer Community
A Pioneer Community

About This Site

I have created this site as a memorial to the late Irvine Millie, who never lost his love for Glassville and area, and the people who made it what it was. Irv was a grandson of original Glassville settlers and was raised on the family farm just north of the village. He returned to Glassville almost annually throughout much of his adult life, and had an abiding passion for the people and places of Glassville. Irv was one of the authors of both volumes of A History of The Glassville Settlement. This site acknowledges and honours his ancestors and all of the settlers and their descendants who broke the land and raised their families in this part of New Brunswick.

The site is intended to help remember the people and places of the village and the surrounding communities. Everyone with photographs of people and places of Glassville past, as well as the neighbouring communities in the surrounding area is invited to contribute them. Written material may be summitted for consideration as well. This site is a work in progress, and I will try to post new material as frequently as possible. Click HERE to submit photos, documents, records, etc.

Any errors on the site are my responsibility, and I invite comments, and suggestions. Email me at [email protected]

David Thompson